Darlene Nicolau, Interior Design AEC, MBA, BA
Principal Designer, Nico Interior Design

Building upon years of experience in interior design, her natural ability, imagination and research skills, Ms. Nicolau’s experience is complemented by a formal, interdisciplinary education in interior architecture and design, business and the arts.


The school’s hands-on Interior Architecture and Design program provides Darlene with the technical skills and artistic sensibility required to generate design solutions that meet the needs of any project. In addition to her Interior Design AEC, Ms. Nicolau has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA).

Darlene Nicolau

Darlene’s design services reflect a savvy blend of her business and design talents. A former Commercial Banker in Canada and the USA, Darlene’s real estate expertise and financial and project management skills are an asset to any interior design project, whether using interior design to extend a company’s brand identity to its commercial space or creating a desired ambience for a personal residence based on historical periods, design movements or travel experiences.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Darlene has also lived in British Columbia’s historic city of Victoria, the west-coast metropolis of Vancouver and sunny Delray Beach, Florida. She currently lives with her husband in a historic home that she restored in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Darlene’s work and life experience has cultivated a broad understanding of design and best practices for applying them. Her collaborative approach involves the client in the design process to ensure the final design meets the functional needs and aesthetic goals of the client. Regardless of the property type, architecture or design style, Darlene designs highly functional, classic and timeless spaces.