Olive Street

Olive Street


Olive Street Kitchen Redesign

Before the redesign, the Olive Street kitchen was dated and aesthetically disjointed from the rest of the house. To reconcile this, the remodel built upon on a contemporary aesthetic established in a newly renovated bathroom, while incorporating a nod to period-style elements of this historic home.

To capture a retro-vibe with a timeless yet “of the moment” appeal, Darlene paired contemporary cabinetry with classic, oversized retro-inspired subway tile on the walls, quartz counter tops and accessorized the space with a vintage-inspired, globe-pendant light.

Another important consideration was improving the functionality of the space – all within budget. Instead of making costly changes to the layout, Darlene focused the budget on new cabinetry and appliances to improve work performance and organizational flow. A redesign of the lighting scheme further improved its function and enhanced the ambience of the space. Comprised of three layers of dimmable LED lighting, the energy-efficient lighting significantly improves visibility while creating a dynamic and appealing atmosphere.



The Before Photo