Heather Circle

Heather Circle


Heather Circle House Remodel & Update

Darlene Nicolau designed and managed the remodel and update of this home. The primary goal was create a functional and clean backdrop to stage the Client’s eclectic mix of furnishings and decor, both old and new. Of equal importance was to incorporate the Client’s request for a beach aesthetic, inspired by a lake view from the kitchen windows.

Key features of the redesign include: a new kitchen layout with custom designed cabinetry; a new lighting plan and fixtures throughout the house; custom designed vanities in each bathroom with new mirror and sconce configurations; custom designed wainscoting; updating the fireplace with a German smear; and, a simple, bold and clean and color scheme.

Darlene also positioned the Client’s existing wall decor and furnishings and recommended new pieces of furniture and decor to complete the layout and look. Truly a labor of love. 

The Before Photos