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GPS on mobile phone

A GPS for your remodel.

First question. Have you ever been on a road-trip with a destination in mind, but no idea of how to get there; not even a map? These days, most of us rely on a Global Positioning System (GPS) to direct us to our destination. A GPS successfully leads us to our destination by calculating the […]

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Interior Design | Darlene Nicolau

Why design solutions should never look alike?

Welcome to my first blog entry for Through, I’ll share my perspective on the spirit of authentic and well-executed interior design. I’ll do this by identifying examples of interior design faux-pas, affectionately referred to as “design crimes”, and describe what makes them a design crime while offering solutions and best practices to solve […]

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Residential and Commercial Architecture | Nico Interior Design

Your contractor is not your designer.

For some clients, hiring an interior designer to redesign a space is perceived as a luxury. Many clients, particularly in the residential market, choose to forego hiring a trained interior architecture and design professional to oversee the redesign of their space and subsequently turn over this responsibility to their contractor with the rationalization that doing […]

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Interior Design | Darlene Nicolau

The TV above the fireplace phenomenon.

Mounting the television above the fireplace has become a mainstream phenomenon in recent years. I must say, I cringe every time I see this and have deemed this practice a bona fide “design crime” for a couple of reasons. First, when designing a furniture layout, a good designer is obliged to optimize comfort, and therefore […]

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